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Thanks for putting such a cogent framing around what has been bubbling in me for a while. I think you bring the threads together well. My brief summary:

A central issue of our time is dehumanization. A vision, centered in belonging, that is so compelling that as each of us step in, we invite others to join us, is what we need. The "how" involves creating a path that bridges from today's state to that vision. A path in which agency is apparent enough that each of us can see what, with our unique gifts, we can do and are moved to act. In doing so, beloved community grows.

The theme of power, which is woven throughout, remains elusive to me. I think it is the notion that when we can discern how to use our gifts towards reaching a vision of beloved community, we recognize that the power has been ours all along.

That is the gift of your thoughtful exploration of polarization, power, and rehumanizing our world.

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I was sharing the article you wrote about polarization around and received this feedback that I thought was important to pass along. I value your writing and thinking and knew you would want to hear feedback.

"the failure of governing elites (the global “center”) to offer a compelling vision and strategy to navigate the global crises we face." and "People are hungry for an invitation to transformation; it is our responsibility to make that invitation irresistible." It sounds very elitist and disempowering to me. It's not up to the global elites, no invitation is needed...and people are already working on it!

Happy to hear your perspective on this.

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