Hi Brian, this essay by you expanded my consciousness. my soul resonates with so many things you said and cited. Thank you for taking your energy to write this piece. May our hope, imagination and actions guide us in creating a borderless world of liberation in the now for our future.

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Mar 14, 2022Liked by Brian Stout

Dear Brian - I love this piece of yours, and I've referred to it in an article I just posted on the humanitarian dimensions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, here: https://blog.uvm.edu/aivakhiv/2022/03/14/ukraine-the-migrant-crisis-the-future/ Thanks for your considered thoughts on these topics.


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Dec 25, 2021Liked by Brian Stout

Thank you for this powerful essay connecting belonging, borders, indigenous wisdom, and governance in ways I have never considered. You pose big questions that will be cooking me for quite a while. Among them:

"How do we belong together in a way that aspires to meet the needs of everyone? How do we organize ourselves as societies?" and

"What if instead of borders we had boundaries between bioregions, places of intermingling, places of connection? What if a world beyond borders is essential to belonging?"

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Nov 1, 2021Liked by Brian Stout

This is great stuff. My direct services organization believes in the freedom to move/abolition of borders, but doesn't spend much time thinking about what that could look like. Going to share this.

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